Our Flag

By Kaitlyn Hurley ’22

Our Flag 

Red, White and Blue 

What does that mean to you

The stars on our flag that are still there 

The stripes on the flag that we see everyday

Somebody raising the flag into the air in the morning 

What does our flag mean to you

That is a question you should ask yourself 

The times we went through 

The emotions 

Being scared for our country 

But at one point in time it all gets better 

Our flag is still there 

Standing tall 

Rising up not falling down

Just think for one minute 

Fifty stars for fifty states 

Thirteen stripes for thirteen Colonies

What does that mean to you

The wars that we go through 

To save our country

From bombing in the caves 

Our people that fight to keep us alive 

O’er Land of the Free and the home of the brave

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