Story Time

By Trevor Soden ’20

“How is your day going ma’am,” I asked.

“Just fine. I’m going to be a couple of minutes so I wouldn’t wait on me,” she snipped back at me.

“Don’t worry I have plenty of time and still have to be out grabbing carts for another hour.” This comment usually calmed them down a little to know that they weren’t being rushed. These are just the typical conversations that happen now every day. 

It was just a month or two ago when the whole corona virus started to get serious and people were starting to get a little fisty. Don’t get me wrong, they are still all made because they don’t have toilet paper and hand sanitizer. The virus is in all continents and is spreading by coming in contact with other people. This is a recipe for disaster, but not so much for me and I’ll tell you why later. When the governor of New Hampshire said that we would be out of school till May 4th I was so excited to finally get out of that terrible high school. My senior year was great, I really liked all my teachers and most of my classmates, but school is just not where I want to be. As online school was put into action I started to work more hours. I need to save up for college and there was no way I could stay in the house for months– my family would drive me insane. 

I have worked at Market Basket for almost 2 years now and I have never seen the things I am seeing during this virus. Anyways, I am working 5 days a week bagging groceries, getting carts and interacting with most of the customers. Trust me when I say during these times of crisis people have just completely lost their minds. In the Market Basket they put up signs on every aisle to show you the way you’re supposed to walk. Walking one way is I guess “safer” than walking both ways but this is where the fun starts to happen. 

One morning I was dry mopping the store and as I’m going up and down where the signs tell me, people aren’t always doing that. After getting about half way through the store I see these people screaming at each other in the middle of the aisle. It was two older men that came in for the senior hour shopping. One of the guys was arguing about how the other one went down the wrong way. The other guy didn’t notice the rule but wasn’t happy about the scene the other guy was making so he flipped him off and kept walking the wrong direction. I have learned a lot of things about people by working at Market Basket, but this shocked me. The older people are the ones that want to get rude and tell the other ones off. They want to police the aisle and act like they are the only ones that care about the virus. 

Some more recent events have definitely happened too. We had these two guys walk in the store singing and running around so our manager called the cops and it turns out that both guys were on meth. No one in the store knew that though so some of us were scared and others were just laughing. As the store closed the cops showed up and talked to both the guys. The whole time this was going on the entire Market Basket staff was looking out the front glass to see what was going on. In the store we don’t get really exciting moments so we had to cherish this one. In the end, one of the guys got taken in the cop car to the station and they let the other one drive away. We later found out that they were both on meth.

A couple of days later, I was outside pushing carts and two cop cars rolled up looking like they meant business. They told the person that was counting the number of people in the store to keep their eye out for a guy that was wearing a gray sweatshirt, pants and muddy boots. They were looking for a guy that was running from them and was panicked. He was running around in the woods behind the Market Basket but never came in. As the store started to close more cop cars showed up. In total there were ten cops looking for this guy. They were using drones to fly over the woods and dogs to pick up his scent. 

The other half of my quarantine is staying at home with my family. I have a family of six including my parents and three brothers. During this time we have had our ups and downs but it has made us closer as a family. We have made so many memories that I am really glad happened.I don’t think we would have had the chance to do this if it wasn’t for quarantine.

We go hiking on numerous trails all over New Hampshire. We hike sometimes but we are so bored and don’t know what to do with our time. We ride our bikes around our neighborhood and some killer mountain biking trails. Our nightly favorite is basketball. We just got a new basketball hoop so we are getting our money’s worth. We have 3 vs 3 games until dinner is ready then we watch a movie or show at night. We have fires, roast s’mores and play games. 

There are a lot of negatives though. I don’t like that everything is shut down because people need to get out and do things. If I wanted to go walk at the beach I couldn’t because they are all closed. I couldn’t see any of my friends and hang out at school. The thing I miss the most is not being able to go to the gym. I would work out every day and it made me feel a lot better to let some energy out. As a senior class we are missing out on all the fun events like senior project, being in our classes and doing work. But seriously, we have missed out on graduation as a whole class, prom and our last ever pep rally. It really is sad and amazing how much we can be impacted by a single person. In the end I think that it will make everyone appreciate how we take our normal lives for granted.

Overall, I don’t like that we can’t leave our house and live life like it was before, but with every negative thing in life comes a positive. I have gotten to spend more time with my family before college and not worry as much about school. I work more so I am making more money and picking up hobbies that I have always wanted to learn. I know there are many different opinions about quarantine but this is mine.

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