The Apocalypse ~ Chapters 1-2

By Anonymous



I was sitting on the living room couch, eating my lunch, when I heard the proclamation that would change my life drastically: Billionaire Christopher Edwards dies of cardiac arrest in Broadwater Hospital. At first I didn’t realize who he was; the name sounded familiar but I simply couldn’t place where it came from. And then I remembered: my dad, billionaire Christopher Edwards, was my dad. 

I threw away my plate of food, got my laptop, went on google flights and looked up tickets from San Francisco, California to Hartford, Connecticut. I scrolled down and found a ticket for tonight, 6:00 pm. I clicked on it, and the airline was American Eagle. I booked my ticket, and then went upstairs, started packing my suitcases. It was already 2 pm and I had to be at the airport at 4, that was the only way I would catch my flight. I only had two hours left. 

By the time I was done packing, it was 3:30. I got my suitcases, put them in the car and started for the airport. By the time I got there it was around 4:15 and then I went through a security check and everything else needed and finally was sitting, waiting for the announcement to call my flight. While I was waiting, so many childhood memories started flooding back into my head: my gigantic room in the billionaire’s house, the swimming pool, Michelle, and my six other siblings. I wasn’t in contact with any of them, but I knew they were all in good places. Did they know about dad? Should I try to contact them? Do I have to let them know? All these questions popped into my head suddenly. I figured that I would first get there and then try to contact them. 

“Flight number 5625 please proceed to the boarding area,” an announcement said. I looked at my ticket. That was my flight, so I went to the boarding area, and there was a huge line. I was searching through my contacts, trying to find the billionaire’s home phone number, I thought I stored it somewhere but I guess I didn’t. And then I got onto the flight, trying to find my seat number and then I found it. I put my hand luggage in the overhead, above my seat, and sat down. I was sitting in the window seat, I was glad because looking out the window above the world was my favorite part of flying. I had eight hours left, straight to Hartford. It was already 7:30 and I was feeling hungry because I didn’t finish my lunch. I had packed a few snacks but the flight was about to take off so I couldn’t get them now. 

It had been over an hour on the plane and an air hostess came, asking me if I wanted a cup of coffee. I said, “Yes, thank you,” even though I don’t usually drink coffee. I was hungry and needed some energy, so I got the cup of coffee, drank it, and decided to sleep. It would be a long journey and rest was truly the only thing I needed and was capable of. 

I woke up with my hair all over my face, so I got my mirror, fixed my hair, and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Once I got back to my seat, I took my phone and immediately remembered that there’s no internet on planes, so I put my phone back in my bag and stared out the window impassively. A few minutes later the air hostess came with a bagel and a small tube of cream cheese. Since I was starving and was ready to eat almost anything, I quickly ate it and swallowed it in two quick bites. After I finished eating, an announcement came on, and the pilot said, “One more hour and we will be in Hartford, Connecticut.” Very soon I would be at the billion dollar house I grew up at. I wonder if Michelle even remembers me, it’s been over seven years since I saw or spoke to her. 

I landed, got my suitcases, and was waiting for a taxi. I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure what state the mansion would be in. I wasn’t sure if anyone was even living there. I was curious to find out how it would be. A couple minutes later the taxi I had booked came. I opened the door, hoisted myself on the seat, grabbed the seatbelt and put it on, and began watching as the airport faded away and I drew closer to my childhood home. 



The taxi parked in front of the mansion. It was just like before; nothing had changed.The rose bushes on both sides of the main entrance, the huge trees aligning the long driveway, the four story house was just like I remember it. I got my suitcases and walked up the marble stairs leading to the grand double doors. My hands were shaking as I went to ring the doorbell, I held on the button, and waited. A few seconds after I waited, she came. Michelle.She looked so different, her hair was all grey, her face was all wrinkly, and she had glasses. It took me a while to realize it was her. She asked me who I was and I replied: “Abby.” She just blankly stared at me and then said, “Of course, come in.” I went in, put my suitcases down. She told me to sit down and so I did. She gave me a glass of water and asked me if I wanted anything to eat and I said “no.” And then she asked me, “Abby, why did you suddenly come here?” 

I replied. “You’ve grown old and it’s clear that the years have taken a toll on your mind. What happened to dad?” 

She sighed, remembering why I had come here, and said, “He died in his sleep. The doctors – they said it was a stroke or something.” 

“I know. That’s why I came here.” While I was talking to Michelle, all of a sudden Alex came walking down the stairs. I was shocked when I saw him; he’d grown so tall. “Alex! When did you come here?” I asked. He said, “Just a week ago. Did you just come? I honestly didn’t think you would show up after what you did.” 

“Uh yeah I just arrived.” I replied solemnly as I glanced at my feet in awkward shame. He stared at me, analyzing my features and self, and then he said, “Come upstairs, everyone else is in the loft there.” I started wondering, everyone else? Who was everyone else? Was it possible that every one of my sisters and brothers was there? I didn’t say anything and just walked up the stairs to the loft. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Jack, John, Sarah, Ben, and Jessica; they were all sitting and talking. They looked so happy until they saw me and warily welcomed me, with a bit of apprehension, due to my exile from the family after I had directed my super hit movie about my life as their sibling. Jessica then saw me and in an attempt to lighten the mood said, “Abby! Oh my gosh it’s been forever since we saw you! I’m so glad you’re here!” 

I hated that welcome. It would’ve been better if she just blankly ignored me instead of that fake greeting. I just replied saying, “Yeah! It’s been a very long time since I saw all of you.” Ben told me to sit down and gave me a few snacks. I was very hungry, so I didn’t say “no” to anything. 

After a while of talking I asked all of them, “When was the last time you all saw each other?” Ben replied saying, “Oh, just last month!” Jessica shot him a look as if he shouldn’t have given me that information. And then Jessica said, “Oh yeah, last month but it wasn’t planned. We all just randomly found each other. After that we were all in contact with each other, and we actually tried really hard to contact you but we couldn’t get any sort of information about you.” 

Randomly found each other? Wow, did she actually think I was that dumb? Did she actually think I would believe that they all randomly found each other? I knew she was lying. I directed one of the most successful movies, there’s all sorts of information about me on the internet. I couldn’t believe how she just shamelessly was saying a lie after a lie. I was sure they all planned it. They probably met up at a really fancy place, had all types of food, spent a whole day together, forgot all about me, and had all sorts of enjoyment. All of them were the type to do that. 

I felt betrayed. Even though I had directed a super-hit movie about my life as their sibling, I still felt that they could have contacted and involved me a little, after all I was their sister. What they had done was wrong. I may have hurt them a little by making a movie about my life, but they still should have contacted me. Now I had to punish them for what they did. There was no way that I would let them all be together, enjoy, and totally forget about me. 

To be continued…

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