Tipping Point

I think I found my tipping point

Don’t know how long I’ll last.

Every hope that I can see

Shimmers, empty, shell of glass.

Every time I reach for one

It sidles swiftly past

It could take just one more time,

Don’t know how long I’ll last.


One more time I reach and fail,

Shedding tears once more

One lost chance or wasted day,

Another time ignored,

Creaking trees or windy nights,

Each forgotten chore

Somehow nothing looks the same

As it once did before.


Every neighbor, brother, friend,

Sweet memories, each voice

Sounds a little harsher

As does every laugh and noise.

Some say it’s not even true,

Some say it’s caused by choice

But it’s an epidemic

Don’t forget that it destroys.


My tipping point is somewhere near

Where true and false converge.

With panicked breaths of fear, I know,

I’d quickly be submerged.

Giving up could be so simple

But still I fight the urge.

Just toe the edge for one more day

And hope will soon emerge.


I think I found my tipping point,

Don’t know how long it takes.

While one side is drenched in dark

And every heart will ache,

The other side is full and light,

Where every dawn will break.

It is here we long to fall,

Here that hope awakes.

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