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Dear Sister

By Amber Martin '21 Dear Sister How birds alight upon a blossomed bough, So sunlight’s golden wings upon your face; Your hair, as it encircles round your brow, Forever crowns your head in regal grace. The day I first set eyes upon you, child, Though I was young, I knew you were a gift. That [...]

Our Flag

By Kaitlyn Hurley '22 Our Flag  Red, White and Blue  What does that mean to you The stars on our flag that are still there  The stripes on the flag that we see everyday Somebody raising the flag into the air in the morning  What does our flag mean to you That is a question [...]

The Apocalypse ~ Chapters 1-2

By Anonymous ONE  Abby  I was sitting on the living room couch, eating my lunch, when I heard the proclamation that would change my life drastically: Billionaire Christopher Edwards dies of cardiac arrest in Broadwater Hospital. At first I didn’t realize who he was; the name sounded familiar but I simply couldn’t place where it [...]

Story Time

By Trevor Soden '20 “How is your day going ma’am,” I asked. “Just fine. I'm going to be a couple of minutes so I wouldn’t wait on me,” she snipped back at me. “Don’t worry I have plenty of time and still have to be out grabbing carts for another hour.” This comment usually calmed [...]