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By Alexandria Hodson '21 “Kid, you need to tell me which one you want to get.” The girl fumed, her patience dwindling with each second that passed. For the past five minutes, Jack Wilton, Colby’s younger brother, had been tasting multiple flavors of ice cream. The girl working, one of Colby’s friends, had just about [...]


By Olivia Parashar '22 We live in an age that has normalized political partisanship more than any other generation before it. Today, every thought, action, failure, and success has ties to one of the two massive parties that have separated the nation, mercilessly ripping the North and South apart so poignantly that there may as [...]

Whisper in the Woods

By Alexandria Hodson '21 Hooooo. Hooooo. A great-horned owl surveys the area, rotating its head to the left and right. As moonbeams fall from the sky, a turquoise brook weaves its way through the glade, the light radiating off of it. The clearing is surrounded by willow trees of various sizes. Some are stout, others [...]

Angel’s Sight

By Taya A. Ellis '23 Forever blind welding the Golden Truth. No demon can live after facing the golden blade. Only the Blind angel can weld such a weapon. Heather, the blind angel can sense her surroundings and the presence of a demon for miles even while in flight. She is impressive for her skills [...]

Sunset Silhouette

By Claire Crowther '23

Found Under the Moon

By Maggie McCoole '19 Golden and warm yellow hues engulf every inch of the waking world, nature's alarm clock, a soft wakening as a mother would wake her small child. Six o’clock in the morning and the commencement of the sun’s daily journey, slicing through the crisp morning air, is underway. The sun rising every [...]


By Anna Weinbeck '19 Crickets. Lots of them. It was almost deafening as he stood there among the vast lake in front of him. The sound of the rock being skipped across the water echoed through the cavernous space created by trees surrounding the body of water. The splashes almost disrupted the peace, even though [...]